iPhone Helicopters from Swann


Swann iControlled HelicoptersAnother day, another iPhone controlled helicopter. They certainly seem to be doing the rounds don’t they? Yes, it’s very impressive that our smart phones can control all sorts of impressive gadgets, but how many of these helicopters do we need? At least another one apparently.

The iFly helicopters are designed for indoor use, but can reach a height of 110 feet. Using your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) you can control Swann’s iFly Micro Lightening helicopter, by simply attaching the helicopter’s transmitter into your iOS device’s headphone jack.

You can use touchscreen buttons to control it or have trickier fun in tilt mode. I don’t know how long it would take to record enough air born footage for your chosen project though, as the iFly copters have a limited air run time of eight minutes, not really enough time to create a masterpiece.

If you don’t have an iOS device, but do fancy having a go of one of these helicopters don’t worry, it comes with a remote control too. You can buy the i-Fly Micro Lightening now for £45. If you’d rather have the fancier Sky Eye or Black Swann model, you can for £65.

The megapixel size of the Black Swann and Sky Eye haven’t been announced yet, but for an extra £20 for each model, you’d expect more resolution for your money, as well as extra recording storage space. Not a bad gadget, and great for its aerial filming purpose, but it’s nothing new.Controlling the helicopter with your iPhone.Swann iControlled HelicoptersSwann iControlled Helicopter, army style.Swann iControlled Helicopter, in black.

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