Ski Bags Made Easy: the Douchebag


Douchebag for Transporting SkisMaybe I’m mistaken, but a douchebag is a bad thing, right? Well, apparently yes and no. A dishonest, rubbish bloke is obviously a bad thing, but a ski bag that holds all of your expensive ski stuff is almost certainly a good thing.

Honestly, I don’t get the name and I suspect that it has only been chosen to get people talking, but regardless of any clever sale tactics, we need some details about the bag itself!

Created by Norwegian ski pro Jon Olsson and a team of 150 skiing consultants, the feature filled bag is sure to delight anyone lucky enough to grab hold of one. The bag has 25 ABS ribs built into it, which are designed to emulate a human rib cage, for ultimate possession protection.

It is also adjustable enough that you can be sure that your skis (however long) will fit inside, very securely too, thanks to the perfectly positioned buckle. It weighs half a stone when it’s empty, but don’t worry about the weight being too much for your back, because you can also wheel it around instead.

If you fancy having a Douchebag, other than your significant other on your arm, you’ll be able to pick one up later this year. You’ll have to snatch it up quickly though, because the first run will be a limited one.

The current expected RRP is £165, not a bad price when you consider the cost of the rest of your ski equipment. See you on the slopes, you big douche!Douchebag easy carrage for Skis, Helmets, Goggles and all the other gear!Douchebag Ski packs.Douchebag, Transport your Skis easily.

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