HDMI ‘Smart TV’ Dongle


HDMI 'Smart TV' DongleA TV is no longer just a TV. It can be a Free-view or Free-Sat recorder, an internet browser, gaming system or even a communication console. With extra apps and widgets being added to these so-called “smart TV’s” everyday, they’ll be able to do even more soon.

Some of us still have stupid TVs that simply let us watch – shock horror – TV shows, but never fear, because Always Innovating has a dongle shaped solution for you.

Running Ice Cream Sandwich, the HDMI dongle can run any Android apps that are compatible with your HD TV. You’ll be able to run 1080p video, which can be broadcast from a micro SD card – via the device’s handy slot, play online games, and surf the web.

It’s Bluetooth and WiFi capable too, so you won’t have to fiddle around or attach it to anything else to enjoy your online TV pursuits. You’ll be able to connect to it wirelessly too, should you have any other compatible gadgets.

It even comes complete with a cute nine button remote that can understand what you say, just like the XBOX Kinect can. You’ve got to admit that’s quite a nifty little gadget. You’ll be able to pick up one of these Always Innovating HDMI Smart TV dongles later this year.

The current expected RRP ranges between $46 (£30) and $100 (£65), which isn’t bad for a gadget that can be used with a number of TV sets. Think of the cash you’ll save by keeping your old TV too.HDMI 'Smart TV' Dongle

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