Decagon Link Station Modular Tents


Decagon Link Station TentsIf you are one of those silly people who insists on going on “glamping” weekends, I’m sorry but I’ve got a reality check for you. Camping is anything but glamorous, and if you’re staying in a Chalet, you’re cheating.

Rainstorms and mud are almost requisite parts of the whole experience, but there is nothing stopping you from getting to grips with nature in a high end tent.

Logos have come up with a connectable tent system that exudes luxury. It feels rude to even refer to the Decagon link system as a tent.

The N600-J tent is just over 9 and a half feet tall once erected and almost twenty feet wide. It’s so big that you can also buy an optional sleeping tent to fit inside as a bedroom.

Get yourself a car tarpaulin sheet and you can use the boot for (not really needed) storage space. With enough cash, you can make the tent as large as you like.

The Logos Decagon Link Station modular tent selection consists of; the main N600-J hub for $1,400 (£905), the N240-J tent for $480 (£310), the N7130-J link for $850 (£550), and the car tarpaulin for just under $150 (£100).

So if you want to make a basic tent configuration using all of the listed elements you’ll pay around $3,500 (£2000). You need to be serious about your outdoor excursions to invest in one of these sets, but it will offer you a camping experience like no other.Decagon Link Station Tents, after dark.Decagon Link Station Tents, car docking.Decagon Link Station Tents.Decagon Link Station Tents

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