Samsung 2View DV300F Compact Camera


Samsung 2View DV300F camera, front view.There are a number of compact cameras on the market that can produce beautiful shots, so what does the Samsung 2View DV300F have to give it the edge over its competition? The clue is in the name.

The DV300F has two displays, your standard large 3 inch LCD back display and a handy smaller 1.5 inch display on the front of the camera. So if you like to snap shots of yourself and friends, but don’t fancy asking a stranger to take the shot for you, no worries, you can do it yourself.

That’s not the only wow feature of this camera though; there’s 16 megapixel capabilities, WiFi compatibility, a five times optical zoom, and a 25mm wide angle lens.

You can film 720p HD video with it too. With its WiFi facility you can send your finished photos and video footage straight to your social media platform, or to your computer’s hard drive for safe keeping.

It comes with an interesting software package as well, which lets you add a variety of fun features to the blandest of shots. The Samsung 2View DVF00F will be available in the US from March. There’s no official release date for the UK as of yet, but it should be released over here soon after.

Expect to pay around £150 for the compact, not a bad price. You can choose to have it in a range of metallic colours. So once you’ve finished shooting all of your pics, you can drop your compact into your coloured co-ordinated bag.Samsung 2View DV300F, screen view.Samsung 2View DV300F, front and top view.Samsung 2View DV300F, screen view.Samsung 2View DV300F Camera

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