Wear Your Sleeping Bag: MusucBag Lite


MusucBag LiteIf you’ve lived in a tent on a campsite when the weather is cold, you’ll appreciate the advantages of the MusucBag Lite. In essence, it is a wearable sleeping bag. To be more precise, it’s a body-hugging suit made of soft touch polyester filled with a hollow fibre bonded filling.

If you’re wondering why it’s called the MusucBag Lite, there’s a classic version that’s puffier.

One major benefit of a wearable sleeping bag is that it improves mobility and protection. In fact, you can even use it inside your home with the aim of reducing heating bills. It is especially useful when the ambient temperature is around 4 degrees Celsius or so, as it keeps you warm even at temperatures of 1 degree Celsius.

The MusucBag is the brainchild of Rodrigo Alonso Schramm, a Chilean industrial designer. It has an integrated hood with drawstrings to keep the head warm. The reversible zips that make it easy to free your arms whenever you need to use them. For instance, when you want to send a text message using your mobile phone and find it hard to do from within the protective cover of the MusucBag.

The MusucBag is available in bright blue and coal grey. It is not meant for those below 16 years of age. It is available in two sizes- one that is for people of height up to 1.7 m and another for those who are 1.9 m tall.

The MusucBag is easy to maintain, as it only needs to be hand washed with a mild detergent. It can be tumbled dried at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and requires no ironing.

The MusucBag Lite costs around £80 in the UK.

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