60 Beat Gamepad for iOS Devices


60 Beat GamepadGaming on mobile phones is a big deal as it probably accounts for the largest kind of apps downloaded for phones. When Spring comes, can Summer be far behind? Sensing a business opportunity, there is now a market for gamepads.

This is in part because there are those who feel that no matter how responsive a capacitive touchscreen is, it can’t emulate the sense of control a console offers. 60 Beat, the accessories maker, has launched a gamepad specific for Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone or even the iPod Touch.

Just connect the joystick-based gamepad to your favourite iOS device and immerse yourself. The 60 Beat gamepad is based on dual analogue joysticks. It has 10 action buttons and a D-Pad for directional control if you’re one of those who does not like joysticks.

The gamepad draws power through the 3.5 mm audio jack connection, which means it does not require any batteries. This also makes it reasonably lightweight. If you do not wish to disturb people around you while playing your favourite game, use the audio splitter to connect hour headphones.

Right now, the 60 Beat gamepad comes with two games- Bugdom 2 and Aftermath. For it to succeed, the developer ecosystem needs to step in and make a larger library of games available.

The 60 beat iOS gamepad is priced at $50 (£32). It is currently available only in the US, although the company does plan to ship it to other markets soon. Perhaps the easiest way to buy it is to place an order on 60 Beat60 Beat Gamepad for iOS Devices.The 60 Beat Gamepad.

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