Fly the AR.Drone with your Mac: Drone Station


Drone StationIf you’ve seen the AR. Drone quadricopter, you’ll probably want one, and if you have enough disposable income you’ve probably bought one already. If you haven’t seen them, let me fill you in.

The AR.Drone quadricopter is like a military version of one of those silly little RC helicopters that everyone seemed to get last Christmas.

It could previously be controlled by your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android device or if you’re “one of those” computer people – a Linux PC. It’s recently been updated to work on an iMac or MacBook, which has greatly improved its already expansive functionality.

To make your AR. Drone compatible with your Mac you need to download the Drone Station app from the Mac store. You can use the AR. Drone and the Drone Station device to film some incredibly impressive aerial shots.

If you’re interested in photography or film making, you’ll love the options that are presented to you with this device. The AR.Drone can be yours for $300 (£190), not cheap for a fun little toy.

That’s the thing though, it isn’t really a toy, it’s much more than that, and when you consider what it can do, you’ll realise it’s really reasonably priced. You can buy the drone station app now.

It’s currently priced at $10 (£6.99), but if you fancy having a closer look at the Drone Station before you commit to buy the package, you can check out a number of demo videos of the system online – which is quite nice.Drone Station controls.Drone Station controls.

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