Video Spy Watch


Video Spy WatchBuying gadgets via the traditional means of shops and online outlets is all well and good, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have your very own Q at hand to handle all of your gadget needs.

If you did have him around, he’d undoubtedly show you the very sneaky Spy Video Watch. It doesn’t matter if you work for MI5 or McDonalds, everyone can benefit from having this on their wrist.

It must be quite an obvious camera though, yeah? No, actually it’s beautifully hidden and incredibly small. The camera is in the number two on the watch’s face, whilst the microphone and power indicator are so well hidden that I don’t even know where they are – how good is that!

The watch has a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can record up to three hours video on its 2GB internal hard drive. It can also take still shots if you’re short on time. Presented in its rather beautiful display box, it’ll make the perfect gift for the spy (or nosey parker) in your life.

Getting the video evidence from your watch is really easy too, you simply plug in a USB lead and transfer the AVI format files to your computer, ready to save or upload online.

You can buy the Video Spy Watch now. It’s quite pricey at $110 (£72.95), but think of all the money you could make, once you’ve recorded enough illicit conversations and incriminating evidence – not that we would ever condone that sort of behaviour of course.Video Spy WatchUSB connection port, on the Video Spy Watch.

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