Sony PlayStation Vita: Coming Soon


Sony PS VitaFollowing on from their moderately successful PSP is Sony’s latest PlayStation Vita. Before you start sighing at yet another slightly changed hardware release, stop and pause for a moment.

This handheld console may look a lot like the previous PSP, but that’s where the similarities end. The PlayStation Vita is an incredibly impressive piece of equipment.

It has a quad core processor inside which is almost capable of providing PS3 quality graphics, not bad on a five inch screen. It’s touchscreen too, which adds extra functionality along with its two analog sticks.

It has a 5 inch AMOLED display which is capable of reproducing beautiful colours and crisp scenes. It comes with front and rear cameras too, which should be really useful when its Skype functionality is implemented.

The Sony PlayStation Vita is currently only available in Japan, but will be released in the United States in February and then across Europe later in the year. The console will cost around $340 (£230) for the Wi-Fi only version and $399 (£280) for the Wi-Fi + 3G model, a somewhat reasonable price for a new console from the PlayStation brand.

Sony will be hoping for improved sales when it is released worldwide. It’s only been available for the last two weeks in Japan but sales were disappointing to begin with and have since dwindled considerably.

Perhaps the increasingly popular tablet market has diminished the hand held console’s previous appeal. Vita, is the Latin word for life, but it remains to be seen if PlayStation have been able to breathe life back into the dedicated handheld gaming console market.

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