SeaBird Towable Submarine


SeabirdWith increasing urbanization, it’s getting harder to imagine opening the windows in our homes and listening to birds chirping and butterflies flitting about. How about an underwater commune with nature, so you can see fish swimming outside your porthole?

That might be very far-fetched if not for the SeaBird personal submarine. US-based AquaVenture has developed a submarine that is towed through the water by a surface vessel. The towing cable is up to 122 m (400 feet) in length so the submarine operates in a large cone shaped body of water behind the towing vessel.

One surface vessel can tow two submarines simultaneously. This technology allows delivers the power from an internal combustion engine to a vessel underwater. This technology is pending award of a patent.

The SeaBird personal submarine is certified for travelling at speeds of up to 40 Kmph, whether it is underwater or above water. It is allowed to operate at depths of up to 45m (150 feet) and for certain “non-tourism customers”, approval to submerge to depths of 90m (300 feet) is available.

The SeaBird can also perform 360-degree rolls and climb and dive steeply. It has positive buoyancy which lets it float to the surface when the towing vessel stops or is disconnected from the submarine. It can seat two passengers.

It is still not clear when the SeaBird will go on sale. It is expected that it will be priced at around $210,000. That’s the price for keeping up with the Joneses- even if it’s underwater!

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