Retrode 2 Game Cartridge Reader


Retrode 2 Game Cartridge ReaderWhat do you do when you fancy a gaming session, but you aren’t quite up to a monster Modern Warfare or Call of Duty session? You reach for your retro games of course. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a mint condition selection of classic working consoles, you’ll have to plump for an emulator instead.

These can easily be downloaded and usually allow you access to hundreds of classic games. It isn’t the same though. You lose the magic that was originally done. The Retrode 2 Game Cartridge Reader allows you to play all of your old games from the cartridge itself on your computer’s emulator.

There’s even hope that the emulator will be able to work with tablet devices of any OS, as long as they have a USB connection soon. This could prove to be an excellent gaming solution for the currently confused tablet gaming market.

The Retrode 2 Game Cartridge Reader will be available from February. You can preorder yours online now for £55. Not a bad price when you consider the hours of fun you’ll have rediscovering your old favourite games.

If you’ve got a young gamer at home who keeps asking for a new console, save yourself a few hundred pounds and get them one of these instead.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or the technology that you are used to, nothing beats the original Super Mario Bros game. You can even save money by using your old console controllers with the device, you’ll be emulating the whole retro gaming experience.

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