SiriusXM Lynx Portable Radio

| January 5, 2012 | Comments

SiriusXM has announced the launch of its Lynx Portable Radio that is capable of receiving a larger number of channels over satellite and the internet. The Lynx can receive the SiriusXM 2.0 range of music, sports and comedy channels. What’s special about these channels is that they are free of adverts and commercials.

The Lynx runs on the Android operating system. Its flexible architecture allows for new features to be added via software updates. The Lynx is capable of streaming SiriusXM content via Bluetooth to speakers, headphones and vehicle stereo systems. It also comes with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Let’s say you tune into a channel and you catch the last few lines of your favourite song playing. In conventional radios, you can do little but feel bad at not having tuned in earlier. But with the Lynx, you can actually listen to the song from the beginning.

You can store up to 200 hours broadcast content on the radio and listen to it later. The large touch screen display makes it easy to control and enhance your listening experience through Pause and Rewind. On the Lynx you can view the next week’s programming content.

The Replay option allows you to replay 30 minutes of “live” content. What a boon if you’ve missed a few action-packed minutes of an Ashes test match or a football game.

The SiriusXM is priced at $250, but you’ll need to pay additional monthly subscription to receive all those streams. The Lynx vehicle kit and home kit are each available for $70.