Bluetooth Watch: Casio G-shock GB 6900


G-shock GB 6900 Bluetooth 4.0 WatchCasio is launching a new G-shock watch in mid-March 2012. Originally, the launch was scheduled for this holiday season, but had to be delayed because of the floods in Thailand, which is where they are made.

What’s new about this model is that it features the new Bluetooth 4.0, which has “Bluetooth Low Energy” standard embedded. This means it consumes up to 70% less energy than conventional Bluetooth watches. To you, this simply means longer battery life. In fact, Casio reckons that a conventional CR2032 button cell can last two years.

That’s not all, though. Through Bluetooth 4.0, the G-shock watch can communicate with your smartphone. You can see incoming calls, e-mails and text messages on your watch. In fact, you can even control your phone’s ringer volume and alarm via the watch. You can even set your phone to “vibrate” mode using this watch.

As of now, the watch will be compatible with NEC’s Medias LTE N-04D Android phone, due for release in early 2012. It will also be compatible with the Medias PP N-01D phone.

The new G-shock GB 6900 watch will be priced at about ¥18,000 (about $230) when it is launched in Japan. It will be available in red, black and white. At this time, Casio does not seem to have indicated a timetable for launching the G-Shock GB 6900 in other countries.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but considering that you can check the time on your smartphone, why would you need a watch on which you can only view your incoming calls or text messages? I mean you still need a phone to speak or reply to your text messages, don’t you?Bluetooth 4.0 Watch: G-shock GB 6900, finished in redBluetooth 4.0 Watch: G-shock GB 6900, finished in white

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