Twitter Poster Uses Your Tweets: #tweetportrait


Twitter Poster #tweetportraitGone are the good old days of a chinwag on the phone, or face to face. Today all we seem to do is go online to get our social fix and we don’t even need someone else to talk to.

No, nowadays you can tell the whole world (or anyone who’s reading it) what you think about all and any aspects of your life via a status update or a tweet.

Although Facebook is currently the number one social media site, Twitter is gaining on its lead and has quite a following of its own. If you’re a fan of the micro blogging site, you may be interested in the Twitter Poster. This fully personalised poster uses your Twitter name to create a poster of your profile picture, using your most recent tweets.

You can choose from a number of colour backdrops that’ll show through your tweet picture, and you’ll be able to read all of your insightful 140 character tweets from up to 2m away.

You aren’t limited to your own Twitter account either, you can buy one for a friend or even a celebrity that you follow. As far as I’m concerned a poster of your face, composed entirely of your thoughts (or rather tweets) is somewhat narcissistic, but if it makes you happy and you think it’ll look good in your home, go ahead and buy one.

They’re currently available online from Firebox, priced at £24.99 ($38). You can even tweet about the poster itself by using #tweetportrait – oh the technology!#Celeb gallery and background colour options.

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