Enso Pearl Yoga and Meditation Clock


Enso Pearl ClockI don’t actually speak Japanese, so I can’t be 100% certain of the credibility of what I say next, but apparently the Japanese word for circle is ‘enso’.

You’re no doubt wondering why I’m telling you this, well it’s because of a new time keeping device that’s recently hit the market – the Enso Pearl clock.

Those paying attention to the first sentence of this article will probably be able to guess the shape of the clock – that’s right it’s circular, inside and out.

Technically this is less of a clock and more of a timer, or rather lots of timers. This is aimed at all of those relaxed types out there, who don’t appreciate ticking countdown timers that have flashing numbers on them.

This LCD clock instead forms a circle within the clocks face as the timer counts down. It doesn’t bleep incessantly when it finishes its task, but it can produce the soothing sound of Tibetan chimes instead, perfect for easing you out of your meditative state.

You can set up to fifty different sequential timers and can even add a separate sound to the end of each one. If you indulge in yoga and meditation every now and again, and you like the sound of the Enso Pearl Clock, you can buy it online now.

This isn’t your average clock and as a result, doesn’t come with an average clock price tag. This beauty will cost you $99.00 (£80), pricey yes, but they do throw the batteries in with it.Enso Pearl ClockEnso Pearl ClockEnso Pearl ClockBack of the Enso Pearl Clock

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