Touchscreen Heart Rate Watch


Touchscreen Heart Rate WatchIf you are a fitness fanatic or even reasonably serious about working out with a well-defined exercise regime, then you will know that especially with cardio routines, you need to “get in the zone” for you to benefit from the exercise.

Unless your heart rate goes up to a certain level, your body- including your heart- is not being made to work hard enough for you to burn calories. Now, what the ideal target heart rate for you depends on a variety of factors including your age, medical condition, weight and so on.

The trouble is that unless you have sophisticated equipment that also measures your heart rate at different points of your routine, it is hard for you to know when you’ve reached fat-burning levels.

Well, you now have a simple solution in the form of the Touch Screen Heart Rate watch. The concept is as simple as its name is self-explanatory. All you have to do is to tie the gadget, which looks like a watch, to your wrist before you start exercising. Touch the bezel to get a reading of your heart rate on the LCD display screen on the face of the watch.

The device also functions as a regular watch, with calendar and stopwatch functions. This exercise accessory is priced at $100 (£64). So if your list of resolutions for the New Year includes getting into shape, you need not break into a sweat because you are not sure about how to track your heart rate. Just get yourself this handy gadget and trust in the power of regular exercise.

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