LG Announces 3D 84-inch Ultra Definition TV


LG 3D Ultra Definition TVJust as the world is getting to understand how High Definition or HD images are better than what was previously available, along comes LG with its 3D Ultra Definition TV. Not only is Ultra Definition better than High Definition, this new TV is also billed as being the biggest, at 84-inches.

The 3D Ultra Definition TV combines LG’s expertise in 3D TV with its expertise in Smart TV. According to Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company company, the 3D Ultra Definition TV is a testament to the company’s commitment to being “the world’s leading brand for immersive home entertainment in 2012 and beyond.”

The Ultra Definition TV will deliver picture resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which is four times the resolution of Full HD panels. Display apart, this advanced 3D UD TV has LG’s Slim and Narrow bezel design, which makes the TV amazingly sleek in terms of its looks.

3D depth control allows customization of viewing experience, while 3D Sound Zooming offers the richness and depth of 3D sound that compares favourably with technology available in movie theatres.

Remember that this TV is also “smart”. This means it can access LG’s Smart TV ecosystem, which gives users access to a growing range of premium content services. This would include a library of 3D movies.

The embedded 2D to 3D conversion engine enables users to convert 2D content into 3D content, which expands the choice available to users. LG’s ergonomically- designed Magic Remote recognizes four types of input: Voice Recognition, Wheel, Point and Magic Gesture.

LG 3D Ultra Definition TV

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