iPhone Camera Case: Gizmon iCA

| January 3, 2012 | Comments

The Gizmon iCA is a case for iPhones. However, unlike other cases, which are just plastic shells, this one is crafted from 32 different polycarbonate parts, and looks like a retro camera.

When you encase your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in the Gizmon iCA, it looks like a classic Leica camera. The iCA features a conversion lens mount on which you can attach an optional macro or fisheye lens. There’s even an optical viewfinder and a faux pancake lens to boot.

A mirror inside the fake lens allows you to take self-portraits. The shutter button will work if your iPhone runs iOS5. The case even has a tripod mount and a micro hot shoe to attach an external flash.

Eyelets at each end allow you to attach it to a strap that you can wear around your neck, completing the picture of a retro camera. Without a doubt, the Gizmon iCA case is a very clever piece of work.

You can choose from three colours- black, white and orange. Also available is a range of photographic accessories including a wide angle lens, telephoto lens, filters, stand for using the iPhone while driving and so on. All accessories will work with the in-built iPhone camera function.

It is fair to say that this clever gadget does not come cheap. The iCA alone costs $65. The strap costs an additional $30, and the macro or fisheye lens costs $45. The Gizmon iCA case is available in the US from Four Corner Store.