Internal Combustion Engine Kit from Haynes


Internal Combustion Engine Kit from HaynesIf your love for automobiles goes beyond the external form factor, and you are enthralled by the innards, the Haynes Internal Combustion Engine Kit may be of interest to you.

This 1/10 scale model of a 4 cylinder internal combustion engine requires assembly of more than 100 parts. The accompanying manual has detailed diagrams and instructions to help you assemble the engine quite easily. There is a toolkit that comes with the kit contains all necessary tools to assemble the engine.

The cylinder block is made of clear plastic, which allows you to see the various moving parts such as the piston, camshaft, cooling fan and timing belt. You can even see how the spark plugs light up. To reduce friction between the moving parts, apply some vegetable oil. In a real automobile the role of lubricant is performed by the engine oil.

In a real internal automobile, the combustion of petrol or diesel inside the engine’s combustion chamber is triggered by the spark from the sparking plug that is caused when you turn the ignition on. It is this mechanical energy that causes the shaft to deliver thrust to the wheels of the vehicle.

The Haynes kit uses two AA batteries to power the electric motor which powers the various parts. In other words, electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy. There is no combustion of petrol or diesel in the kit.

The Haynes internal combustion kit cost around $45 (£20), you will need to purchase two AA batteries.

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