Pill Speaker for iPod Nano


iPod Nano Pill Speaker DockWe live in a very cluttered world, don’t we? Each year hundreds of new gadgets are released that are slightly better than our older models, for twice the price, or come with 10 times the amount of storage than we need.

We don’t really need them, but we will buy them, why? Well, because all of the new gadgets that work with them come out too and whilst we would love to use our old gadgets with them, the clever manufactures have made them not quite fit – but not Gavio!

They’ve created something for the little guys – and by little guys I mean the iPod Nano, that up until no has sat awkwardly in every speaker dock in existence. The Pill Speaker is Gavio’s latest invention and, well, looks like a pill capsule.

You know, red on one side, white on the other, hard to swallow. The idea behind it is that the ‘pill’ will “be a supplement to your soul” by providing you with all of your musical nutrition. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it made me feel sick too.

There currently isn’t much info about a release date or price of the Pill, in fact the site doesn’t have much information at all, just numerous renders of the speaker pretending to be an actual pill.

However, if you are interested, feel free to email the company, they might have a release, or you know, a specification handy. Maybe Gavio are hoping for a placebo effect by not telling us what’s going on inside their creation.Pill Speaker Dock for the iPod Nano.Pill Speaker Dock for the iPod Nano.Pill Speaker Dock for the iPod Nano.

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