FourPro Underwater Housing for the iPhone


FourProPicture the scene – it’s a beautiful day, almost too beautiful. You’re on a luxury yacht, somewhere fabulous, the sun’s about to set and you fancy a little dip in the beautiful blue ocean below.

Once in you notice some gorgeous aquatic creatures swimming below and you feel compelled to capture them on film. Trouble is, in all of the rush and excitement to get out onto the fancy yacht this morning you forget to bring your underwater camera equipment.

All you have on board is a brand new iPhone, you can’t risk getting that wet though, can you? Well, if you aren’t scared of splashing the cash, yes you can!

FourPro have come up with a rugged camera or phone mount that will allow you to dive up to 100ft under water. Their kit also comes with teak handles to stabilise your shots, and threaded holes that can be used to attach extra lighting equipment.

The FourPro, is as of yet, only available as a pre-order and may never be anything more. At the time of print, Kickstarter has helped raise $4,859 (£3,130) of the $20,000 (£13,000) that they need to get the project to any sort of marketplace.

If it does manage to magic up some funds though, you’d do well to leave your name on the pre-order list. The entire kit will cost you just over $399 (£250), but if you try to buy it after it gets its full release, you can expect to pay closer to $699 (£450).An aluminium handled version of the FourProAn aluminium handled version of the FourPro.FourProFourPro

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