Virtual Reality Treadmill from AFG


Virtual Reality TreadmillIf I had my way, I would eat whatever I want all day long and not get fat. I certainly don’t live by Kate Moss’s mantra that; “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” – has she never tried cheesecake? Regardless, it is important to stay healthy, you know so that you can also stay alive! Trouble is, exercise is really boring, tedious even. Unless you have a virtual reality treadmill anyway.

Everything is a part of virtual reality now, even our friendships, so why not your health care. The treadmill part of this machine works exactly like a standard gym treadmill, but comes with an added extra – beautiful scenery.

Instead of jogging whilst catching up on Eastenders or Coronation street, the Virtual reality Treadmill has you pounding the ‘figurative’ pavement whilst you imagine yourself in the French Riviera or Northern Italy.

The machine is even programmed to adjust its incline to match the high definition video images of your virtual surroundings. The treadmill is made of 14 gauge steel and has a generously sized 20 by 60 inch surface to run on.

The Virtual Reality Treadmill is available now and currently retails at around $2000 (£1300). If you’d prefer to just shed pounds from your waistline and not your bank balance too, you could always go for a normal run instead.

You know, outside, where people are, for free – I know it might seem like a crazy idea, but apparently that’s how people used to go for runs before the gym was invented.

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