Sphere 2 Luxury Mouse by OreObject


Sphere 2 Mouse by OreObjectLuxury is no longer restricted to fine wine and designer label clothes. You can add an extra bit of class or sophistication to the simplest of items, even your gadgets.

You can add Swarovski diamonds to your iPhone, leather to your iPad or even bag yourself a Ferrari Blackberry, just to keep you happy until the real thing gets delivered.

These gadgets are already quite flashy though, so wouldn’t you love to shine up the most mundane part of your life – work time.

With an OreObject Sphere 2 mouse you can. It isn’t shaped like a car and doesn’t make silly noises. It’s simply made from surgical steel and finished in your choice of titanium, gold or platinum and is resistant to dirt and stains.

The mouse has a rotary scrolling wheel, four way navigational buttons, and user selected touch and click functions. You don’t need any pricey batteries for it either, it’s powered by its micro USB connection instead.

It even comes in its very own suede carry case, ‘you doesn’t get posher than this’! These flashy computer rodents can be yours today if you order them from the OreObject website.

The titanium model can be yours for $185 (£120), the gold model for $290 (£190) and the platinum model for $320 (£210). So grab one for yourself to really bling up that drab office of yours.

A little bit of luxury can go a long way to make your day go faster, make sure that the boss doesn’t spy your latest purchase though, he might think he’s paying you too much.

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