Find Your Stolen Camera with CameraTrace


CameraTraceThere’s a massive worry that comes along with all of the flashy gadgets and devices that we buy – what if they get lost or stolen? Well you can always take out insurance on them, to have them replaced, but that can often costs just as much as the gadget did to begin with.

After several years of beta testing, GadgetTrak have now fully unveiled CameraTrace. By using your camera’s serial number, CameraTrace uses the meta data which imprints the serial number on each photograph shot, and as soon as someone uploads these photographs online, you’ll be notified by email.

From here, you can notify the police and they can trace the culprits and eventually, you’ll be reunited with your camera. According to the company’s CEO, CameraTrace has a much larger database of photos than its closest competitor Stolen Camera Finder, making it the best option out there at the moment.

You can register or this service for just $10 (£6.50) and the lost and found tags are dispatched to you for absolutely free regardless of where you are in the world. At a price like that, you can’t afford not to register for this service.

If you use your smart phone for all your photographic needs, you can’t use it just yet, but you will be able to next year when GadgetTrak rolls out their smart phone options.

However, it does offer a tracing service for laptops, that uses finds the criminals via their IP address when they next pop online.

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