Ferrari-Powered Quad: Lazereth Wazuma V8F


Ferrari Powered Quad.Why have two when you could have four? We live in a greedy society, and less my friend is definitely not more. When it comes to bikes, having four wheels is easier too, especially if you never got used to having your stabilisers removed.

If your wife won’t let you have a motorbike, a quad bike is the closest you might get to speed whilst the wind blows through your hair.

Lazereth’s Wazuma V8F isn’t your average quad bike, it’s got something really special purring away under its hood – a Ferrari engine. Not your bog standard Ferrari engine either, a Ferrari 3.0L V8 engine to be exact.

One that can deliver 250 horsepower or pure oomph. The Wazuma weighs just under 1500 pounds and comes with electric power steering as standard. The quad itself comes, just as you’d expect it, in fire engine Ferrari red. It’s got some clever little extras too, like being able to manage your engine via you laptop or PC.

Before you get too excited about owning one of these, you might have to do a little bit research into the areas you’d want to ride it in. The Wazuma V8F isn’t road legal across most of the UK.

You can buy the Lazereth Wazuma V8F now for a rather reasonable (only joking) $256,000 (£130,000). Not exactly small change, is it?

If you’re a farmer who’s looking for a new quad bike, I’d consider a more sensible model, you wouldn’t really want to get mud on this one would you?Ferrari Powered Quad, from the side.Ferrari Powered Quad, from above.Ferrari Powered Quad, Ferrari Badge.Ferrari Powered Quad, from the back.Ferrari Powered Quad, engine.

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