Multi-Purpose LED Lighting: FLEXiT


Flexit is useful for small spaces like under the sink.The use of LED lights has revolutionised lighting. So far, though, most LED based portable lighting systems have form factors similar to conventional battery-powered torches or flashlights.

Striker has launched the FlexIT light, which comprises an array of 16 LED lamps mounted in four rows of four lamps. Visually, it looks like the floodlight panel in a cricket stadium.

The 16 LED bulbs are mounted on a silicone pad that can be wrapped around objects like pipes. As the silicone is flexible, it can be bent into different shapes so that you can convert the FlexIT into a spotlight or floodlight, depending on what you wish to illuminate with it. The base also contains a pair of neodymium magnets, which makes it possible to attach the panel to magnetic surfaces like iron or steel panels.

The FlexIT comes with a loop that allows it to be hung, if that’s the only possible way to attach it in the area that needs to be illuminated. The rubberised base of the FlexIT panel houses the battery and control unit. It also serves as a pedestal on which the panel of lights stands.

This is useful to light up areas where flat surfaces are available, on which the base can be placed. The control panel allows you to set the output as high, medium and low output. This determines how many of the LED bulbs actually glow.

The FlexIT runs on three AA batteries. When operating at the “low” output setting, it can run for up to 70 hours. This time will be much less for the “high” output setting.

The FlexIT is priced at $30 (£20) and is available from the Striker web site.Flexit diagram showing configuration options.Flexit in the attic.Flexit, lighting up a PC.Flexit, lighting for mechanical works.

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