Electric Power for Bikes, the Ridekick


Ridekick, Electric power for your bike.There are many who use a bicycle for exercise and fun. Sometimes, though, you may need to use your bicycle to carry a load or ride up hilly terrain. At times like this, a little help would be nice.

Well, help is at hand in the form of the Ridekick, which is a trailer that can easily be hooked to the bicycle. The Ridekick has a 24 Volt sealed lead acid battery inside, which powers a 500 Watt electric motor that is connected to the axle of the bicycle by means of a chain drive. This delivers additional power to propel the bicycle.

So when you need some extra motive power, all you do is to connect the Ridekick to your bicycle. Once you’re done needing the extra power, uncouple it and you’re back to powering the bicycle with your pedalling.

The battery can take up to six hours to charge fully. On a full charge, the Ridekick can power your bicycle to travel at speeds of up to 30 Kmph for a distance of about 20 Km.

A throttle mounted on the handlebar is hardwired to a microprocessor in the trailer. If you choose to move at a lower speed, you can travel a greater distance before recharging.

The trailer has been engineered to give you 42 litres of cargo space as well. The cargo hold can be secured using the built-in combination lock. The Ridekick costs $700 (£450). One possible down-side to the Ridekick is that it weighs 20 Kg and you have to carry it around even when you’re not using it.Inside the Ridekick.Ridekick full of stuff.Ridekick battery and charging unit.Ridekick charging power pack.

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