Dancing Cat Speakers


Dancing Cat SpeakersIf you’re tired of your dull, boring speakers, you may want to read on. Firebox offers a speaker shaped like a cat. At first glance, that may not sound like much; after all, speakers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

What makes this kitty stand out is that it dances. All you need to do is to plug your mobile phone or MP3 player or indeed any other music system with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack into the cat speaker.

I’ll grant you that not all of the moves this feline makes are in sync with the music playing. But to be honest, how many of us can dance in perfect harmony with whatever music is being played? I certainly can’t, and if I was into betting, I’d wager that a good 95% of humankind can’t either.

If you are not so picky about its dancing prowess, you will find that there’s something funny about watching a toy cat shake its paws to music. If you’re hosting a party and can’t seem to get your guests to move away from the bar, just plug your music device with a playlist of all those dancing tracks and let kitty set the dance floor alight with its moves.

The dance mode is an option. If you only wish to use it as a speaker, just flick the button to the right setting, and the feline will cease its gyrations.

The dancing cat speaker runs on 3 AA batteries or using a 4.5 Volt adapter, neither of which is included when you buy it for $70 (£30).Dancing Cat Speakers

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