Transparent LCD Displays from Samsung


Samsung Transparent LCD Display, showing Twitter button, calendar and Weather.In our quest for sustainable development, energy-saving gadgets play an important role. This is especially true of mobile phones, computers and televisions, as more and more people in emerging countries are buying such devices.

That is why Samsung’s new technology of a transparent LCD display is a milestone. Unlike conventional LCD displays that rely on a back-light unit (BLU), Samsung’s 46 inch LTI460AP01 Transparent LCD display uses ambient light sources such as indoor lighting and sunlight.

If the ambient light is inadequate, the display uses a specially-designed transparent BLU. This means TVs based on this new technology consume less power than conventional LCD TVs guzzle. In fact, the power consumption drops by almost 90%.

This one benefit alone is likely to attract users like bars, restaurants, malls and so on, where good ambient lighting is available and the TV is on for extended periods of time. In fact, it is also something that schools and colleges can use for interactive education.

This display panel supports HD (1366 x 768 p resolution) and can display 16.7 million variations of colour. This display even has the ability to operate on batteries replenished by solar power. For its pioneering work in the area of transparent LCD displays, Samsung has been awarded the 2012 CES Award for innovation.

It may take some more months for Samsung to mass-produce the LTI460AP01 Transparent LCD display so that television sets based on it are easily available in the stores near where you live.

That’s also why there isn’t much word on pricing. Suffice it to say that it will be much more expensive than your conventional LCD TV. But it’s perhaps worth the higher price and the wait.Samsung Transparent LCD Display, showing details on wines.

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