ePillow for a Comfortable iPad Experience


epillow for iPads.The popularity of a smartphone operating system or tablet can be gauged by the number of accessories and apps that are created for it. Not surprising, therefore, that the accessory ecosystem favours Apple products, although the Android ecosystem is hot on Apple’s heels.

A cute accessory for the iPad (it can also be used for other tablets) is the ePillow. This pillow provides a convenient resting surface on your lap for the iPad or other tablet device. It makes it more convenient to watch a movie or read email on your iPad together with the person sitting next to you.

If you’re one of those business executives who can’t do without your iPad and also tend to fly frequently on work, the ePillow is a useful companion on flights, for it’s much more convenient to work with the tablet placed on your lap than on the tray table. And when you tire of working, you can also use it to support your neck.

The thoughtfully designed ePillow comes with a pocket that is large enough to hold your iPhone and a strap that makes it easy to secure it to your trolley-type luggage. The ePillow is available in a range of colours including black, brown, grey and combinations.

It is priced at around $30 and you can buy it from the official web site, In terms of size, it measures around 18’x11”. It works for both iPad and iPad 2. It should work for iPad 3 as well, unless the form factor changes drastically. That is not very likely, though.epillow making iPads more comfortable. ePillow has a carry-on strap for easy handling.epillow for convenient viewing.epillow, useful on flights.

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