Anti-Theft Car Seat with Backside ID


Backside ID - Anti-Theft Car Seat.Thus far, I had associated biometric security with fingerprint scans and eye scans. It now appears that our posteriors might be just as unique and effective as an identifier.

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo claims that a butt-scan is 98 per cent accurate. That is the concept behind a new approach to car security.

A car-thief may be easily able to enter your car, but unless she or he is only looking to take away the music system or other gadgets, the goal is usually to steal the entire car.

To do so, the thief would have to seat himself in the driver’s seat. And that’s when the 360 sensors inside this concept car seat measure the force exerted by your posterior on the seat and transmit the data to an on-board computer.

Only if the analysis of the pressure data is an exact match of the pressure profile stored on the computer, can the car be driven. With emerging technology, there are always ifs and buts.

Maybe I should say ifs and butts, if you get my drift. What strikes me is how the car seat will react if I choose to be a passenger in my own car, and ask someone else to drive?

Logically, I guess it should be ok as long as that person’s butt-profile is stored on the on-board computer. How easy it is to do that I do not know. The entire concept is still being developed and refined.

It may well take a couple of years for it to be incorporated into the cars you and I buy. Till then, I suppose car thefts will remain a pain in the backside.

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