Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0


Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0Would you be willing to pay 50 quid for a mosquito? Now that I have your attention, let me tell you that this no ordinary mosquito.

I am referring to a remote controlled helicopter that’s named the mosquito because of its size. Weighing a mere 15 grams, this is reportedly the world’s smallest, lightest, quietest, fully-functional remote controlled toy helicopter.

It must be, considering that it can take off and land in the palm of an adult hand. The Mosquito (yes, it deserves the upper case M) is powered by a charger that also serves as its launch pad.

Charging the toy for 45 minutes gives you about seven minutes of flying time. This might not sound like a lot of flying time, but considering that you can do some serious moves- forwards, backwards, hover, go up, come down and so on, seven minutes is reasonable.

That amount of time is also enough to keep you from getting addicted to the Mosquito. The Mosquito even has a pair of orange LED eyes.

Fly it in the dark in the presence of someone not in the know and watch the unsuspecting person’s reaction. You may even get some nice pictures for your social media channels.

The Mosquito is priced at £50, with each spare rotor setting you back by £8. The body of the helicopter is made of impact-resistant plastic, with carbon fibre safety rings.

The transmitter needs a 9V battery, while the helipad charger needs 6 C batteries. These batteries are not included, although the helicopter itself has a Lithium polymer battery that is included.Micro Mosquito Helicopter 3.0

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