Kindle Touch Review


Kindle TouchIf you’re both a bibliophile and a tech geek, Amazon’s Kindle Touch may be worth more than a cursory look. For starters, it’s more than an e-book reader.

It is also quite compact, measuring 17.2 cm x 12 cm x 1.01 cm, and weighing just over 200 grams. That makes it lighter than your average paperback, with the advantage that it can store up to 3000 books that can be retrieved with just a few delicate jabs on its capacitive screen.

The 600 x 800 resolution E Ink display is clear and there is hardly any glare while reading. The touchscreen makes it easy to navigate through the Kindle Touch. If you already use a mobile phone with a touch screen, life is even easier.

You can listen to audio books and using the basic browser, even check mail or browse some headlines. But the Kindle Touch is definitely not a tablet.

The “page” is displayed on the right side of the screen. Touching this area of the screen is the equivalent of turning the page.

If you wish to go to a previous page, just touch the margin on the left edge of the screen. Touch the margin on the top of the screen to access a search box and a menu button.

If you tend to doze off while reading a book, be careful with the Kindle Touch. Even if it does not fall off, the warmth of your body may trigger the infrared sensors so that you find yourself a few pages or chapters ahead of where you were when you dozed off.

It’s not difficult to get back to the page you were on, but it can take a wee bit longer than with a conventional book. The Kindle Touch 3G version is priced at $149 (£96), while the one with Wi-Fi connectivity is priced at $99 (£65).Kindle Touch, using the touchscreen.Kindle Touch, back view.Kindle Touch, side view.

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