Rubik’s Cube Style Puzzle: 3x3x7


3x3x7 PuzzleIf you can solve the Rubik’s Cube in a few seconds and think you’re a brainiac, maybe you should lock horns with the Simplicity Cubic 3x3x7 Uneven IQ Brick, a creation of Brando, who’ve come up with many fun games and gadgets.

The concept is similar to the Rubik’s Cube, except that instead of 3x3x3, this is 3x3x7. This is because each face is made up of two “thick” layers sandwiching a “thin” layer.

Each “thick” layer is made up of 3 “thin” layers. I will admit that this description is far from being well, descriptive! So maybe you should just check out the 3x3x7 Puzzle at Brando.

The 3x3x7 Uneven IQ brick is priced at $27 and you can purchase it online from the Brando web site. It can make a delightful gift, if the recipient can solve it. On the other hand, it can make an annoying gift for the recipient and a source of delight for you, provided you can solve it when challenged to do so.

This is a nice device for helping people to develop their IQ. In fact, Brando recommends it as a tool to aid left- and right-brain thinking as also their EQ.

It can even be a good way to teach groups of people to work in teams. If you’re the trainer or facilitator, be sure you’ve practised it enough to be able to demonstrate to your charges that the puzzle indeed can be solved, and that you can do it, which gives you the right to test them.3x3x7 Puzzle3x3x7 Puzzle3x3x7 Puzzle3x3x7 Puzzle

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