Sports Car Golf Cart: F5 Custom by Pennwick


F5 Custom Golf CartFor most people, the game of golf is associated with the rich and famous. The golf course is where business executives strike deals, as they walk briskly from one hole to another. Many courses have electric golf carts to help golfers and their caddies move around.

The F5 Custom Golf Cart from Pennwick is an electric luxury golf cart that is modelled on the chassis of a ClubCar. It is styled like an upscale Italian automobile, and made of a fibreglass body that sits on top of 15” wheels. It is designed for seating two people, and you can fit an optional bag-holder to the rear.

The F5 has a top speed of 20 miles per hour which is more than adequate for a golf course. It comes with working horn, headlights, rear lights, indicator lights and side mirrors. The dashboard indicator tells you how many hours of battery life are left. This is useful, as you can then arrange to recharge the batteries suitably. The cart runs on a 48 volt charging system.

The cart can be painted in virtually any colour of your choice. Many other customisation options are available. These include leather seats, stereo, enclosure or hard top, extended length and so on. You can even get a wood-grained dashboard, a chrome tilt steering column and upgrade the wheel rims. Each such option is separately priced.

As the Pennwick web site says, “anything is possible”. So if you think you’d like a customisation option that’s not listed, contact them; they can probably do it for you. You can get more information on Pennwick. The price is a pretty staggering $20,500 (£18,000)F5 Custom Golf Cart, side view.F5 Custom Golf Cart, front sports shot.F5 Custom Sporty Golf Cart.F5 Sporty Golf Cart.

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