Skatecycle by Brooklyn Workshop


SkatecycleThe Skatecycle is a brainchild of Brooklyn Workshop from the US. It is described as the world’s first self-propelled hubless skate. To use it, all you have to do is place your feet on the slip-resistant footboards and off you go! Your weight and lateral movement of your feet are what cause it to move. The footboards are where the hubs ought to be in a typical skateboard.

The Skatecycle is already quite popular in the US. It allows you to ride on flat ground as well as navigate around a skatepark. The concept was born in 2002, although the product was available in the market only in July 2010.

It has won many accolades, including the IDEA Award for 2010, a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum and the privilege of being featured in “Fast Company” magazine.

Each Skatecycle comes with a pair of pins that you use to lock the wheels in a straight position. That’s the position in which you can do some tricks. But do wait till you’ve got enough experience and skill before you graduate to trying tricks. Do be very careful, as the device does not have any brakes; you need to carve or turn sharply to slow down.

The device measures 81.3 cm x 16.5 cm x 23 cm and weighs about 7.3 lbs. Once you’ve finished for the day, simply fold it and carry it back home where it can be stored easily. You have a choice of white or black colours to choose from. The Skatecycle is priced at $149.95 (£150 at Firebox).

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