Interactive Lazer Shirt


Interactive Lazer ShirtAre you one of those creative geniuses who like to express your thoughts via your tee shirt? For some years now, it has been possible to get pictures and messages printed on a tee shirt. But in such cases you can’t change the picture or message unless you get yourself another tee shirt.

That was then. But you’re in “now”. With the Lazer Interactive Tee shirt, you can reuse the tee shirt to keep giving expression to your thoughts till such time that you outgrow the tee shirt or the fabric wears away or of course, you decide to give the shirt away or maybe just throw it away.

Lazer Interactive Tee shirts are white tee shirts that allow you to use a special ultraviolet (UV) pen to draw or write what you want on the fabric. Voila! Your message or drawing becomes visible the moment you step into the dark. In fact, your message glows in the dark.

Think of all the fun you can have with the power of creativity at your fingertips. You can let the world read your cool one-liners. You can even write out your FaceBook “status” and let people in the real world know what you’re really thinking.

It is not yet very clear for how long a design “etched” using the UV pen will stay on the Tee shirt. That may well determine if you can make do with one Tee for your next party or you’re better off carrying 3 or 4 Tee shirts.

If I were Agatha Christie or some other detective story writer, I’d probably write a story in which the murderer uses a Tee shirt like the Lazer Interactive to commit crimes, The murderer develops a strong alibi by simply changing the message on his Tee shirt. The Lazer Interactive is priced at $25.Drawing on the Lazer Shirt.

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