Floating Business City Concept, 12 Miles Off San Francisco Bay


BlueSeed’s Floating Business CityWith all the debate around outsourcing, it gets very confusing to keep track of what’s onshore, offshore or right shore. What if you could operate from the high seas? And before you smirk and start laughing, I do not mean piracy.

Blueseed, a start-up based in California is looking for investors to fund its plan to build a boat that can accommodate up to 1000 people. The concept is to make this boat a veritable home office for a cluster of technology start-ups that are finding it increasingly difficult to get talent into the US mainland because of immigration and work permit rules.

The intent is for this vessel to drop anchor just outside the US international maritime boundary, which is just around 12 Miles from the San Francisco Bay. This is close enough to the mainland for supplies and people to be easily transported via helicopter or ferry. That would obviously come at a cost, as would the boat itself and all the trappings necessary to use it as an office.

I suppose a case could be made that such operations that are literally offshore might work out to be cost-effective in the early days of the venture, when people work almost 24x7x365 and only need a few desks, chairs and telecommunication and internet infrastructure. And of course, lots of coffee, courage and perseverance.

Blueseed is the brainchild of Max Marty, who is the company’s CEO. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel has committed $500,000 to this venture, which means that he doesn’t think the idea is too wild. It will probably be mid-2013 by when you or I can actually hire an office cubicle on board the Blueseed vessel. 

Below is an interview with Max Marty talking about the concept on Fox Business News:BlueSeed offices on the water.Ferries docking on BlueSeed offices at sea.BlueSeed offices showing helipads and swimming pools.Blueseed offices, interestingly shaped buildings.

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