Noise Isolating Earphones: NYRIUS NAEB500


NYRIUS NAEB500 Noise Isolating EarphonesThere is nothing worse than trying to listen to a new music purchase whilst having to contend with all daily noises around you. Whether you’re out for a run, on the train or just live in a very loud household. To combat these issues you should invest in a pair of noise cancelling earphones.

The noise cancelling abilities of personal music players were usually just available from headphones that covered the entire ear, but now you can buy earphones instead.

Usually these earphones offer some noise isolation but often with detriment to the sound. Headphones are also a bit cumbersome for everyday activities and don’t fit neatly in your pocket or handbag.

Not so with the NYRIUS NAEB500 earphones, they have been designed so that the earpiece delivers sound at a 45 degree angle, which focuses pure sound directly to your eardrum.

They also boast enriched bass, warm midrange tone, clear high tones and fully optimised range. They are encased in solid metal, which works as a perfect amplifier, they also have a soft touch earphone speaker which offers no distortion or distraction from your music.

The NYRIUS NAEB500 earphones are available now. Considering their capabilities, they’re bargains too. They currently retail at just under $30 (£20) and can be bought from most online electronics retailers.

For a great bargain and an enjoyable music experience, invest in a pair today, at this price you could really spoil yourself and buy two pairs – just in case you lose the first pair on the bus!

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