Android Remote Control: Griffin’s Beacon


Griffin’s Beacon for AndroidHouses are no longer simply homes – they are media stations. Most rooms in our homes have televisions, music players and other devices in them, and each of them comes with its own remote.

Each of these remotes will no doubt disappear just before you need to use it, or will use up a vast amount of battery power and replacing batteries in several remote controls isn’t going to be cheap.

One of the best solutions for this is a universal remote. Well, Griffin have decided to make the universal remote a little bit more universal by using an Android app to turn your smartphone into one.

The Beacon has been available for quite some time, but previously was only compatible with iOS devices. Now you can use the wireless hub with your Android phone to turn it into a one for all remote around your home.

It isn’t a simple remote substitute either, it can display a touchscreen program guide, and if you register with one of the numerous lost phone sites you can safeguard against losing your phone again.

Well, if you end up losing your phone you won’t be able to use any of your media devices either, will you? This little marvel from Griffin is a beacon of hope for those who misplace items on a semi-regular basis. You can buy the Beacon for Android now from the Griffin online store.

It currently retails at $70 (£45), which isn’t exactly cheap but perhaps a fair price for the utility that it provides.

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