iPhone Camera Lens: Olloclip


Olloclip iPhone Camera LensThe beauty of having a smartphone is that you don’t have to carry a mountain of gadgets with you whenever you go out. You can be a passenger on a long car journey and enjoy a selection of music or watch High Definition films to make the time go by faster.

In fact these phones have become so useful that we now choose them depending on the quality of added extras – especially the phone’s camera. Apple’s iPhone 4S is one of the nicest camera phones on the market.

To maximise on the 4S’s abilities Olliclop has deigned a removable lens that can be easily attached to your phone. You can connect the fisheye lens to your iPhone by simply slipping it over the phone’s original rear lens.

With this lens attached you can take truly spectacular 180 degree shots. Olliclip also has a range of these lenses lined up, including wide angled lenses; that will let you see twice as much landscape as you could with the phone’s original lens, and macro lenses, which will allow you to focus within 12-15mm of any chosen photo opportunity.

So if you’re serious about convenient photography, you should invest in all of them as they are released. The Olloclip iPhone camera lens is available now and retails at $70 (£45).

It is compatible with the new iPhone 4S model and iPhone 4, so anyone with an original iPhone or an iPhone 3GS, may want to think about getting an upgrade so they can enjoy this nifty little accessory.Olloclip, taking photos.Olloclip, on the iPhone.Olloclip, photos.

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