Real and Digital Worlds Start to Merge: Lumus Glasses


Lumus Glasses with TV built in.It doesn’t matter how similar your film and TV tastes are, there will always be a time when you won’t want to watch the same thing as your partner of family.

If you and your fellow TV viewer are unwilling to budge on who watches what, it’s quite likely that you’ll both end up watching something completely different that neither of you really like.

That’s where cinema glasses come in. Regardless of where you are, you can enjoy an immersive film experience, but sometimes it becomes a little bit too immersive.

You couldn’t wear these glasses down the street, if you did you’d likely run into traffic. Lumus has designed a pair of glasses that allow you to enjoy a 720p HD film wherever you may be, whilst still enabling you to see what is going on all around you.

It’s sort of like doing two things at once. The glasses will apparently support 1080p HD in the future. The glasses aren’t available at the moment and it doesn’t appear that they will be released as a stand alone item.

If you love the sound of the glasses on their own and don’t fancy buying a new TV that works with them, you could try to get your hands on a pair of Epson’s Moverio glasses instead, they have almost the exactly the same features as the Lumus glasses.

The Moverio glasses are currently available in Japan, however they will set you back around $770 (£599), which could buy a decent 3D TV that the whole family could enjoy instead – just saying!

Lumus Glasses in black.Lumus Glasses hands free navigation.Lumus Glasses with TV anywhere.Lumus Glasses inner workings diagram.

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