Smartphone Controlled Underwater Vehicle


Smartphone Controlled Underwater Vehicle.Today’s gadgets offer so much more than the gadgets of yesteryear. Gone are the simple cameras and music players, instead we now have smart phones that can play music, record video, act as compasses and so much more.

You don’t even have to worry about losing your TV’s remote controls down the back of your sofa anymore either, your smartphone can easily take their place.

If you find an RC car, helicopter or aeroplane under your tree, you’ll probably find an app on your chosen marketplace that will let your phone control it – but what about your ROVs?

For those not in the know, ROVs are remote controlled underwater vehicles and they are set to be even bigger than those flimsy little RC toys. New England’s Aquabotix company have cottoned on to this and have just released the Hydroview. This underwater marvel is pretty cool.

It comes with a fancy selection of LED lights which you can see glow in the water, but the coolest thing about it is the HD camera which can show you live streaming video from beneath the sea (or in the bath).

You can view this video on your favourite smartphone, which can also control the device too. The ROV connects to a WiFi base station, which allows you to see whatever the ROV happens upon.

If you fancy taking some arty underwater shots, it can do that as well, it’ll even upload them to your social media accounts. The Aquabotix Hydroview is available now and currently retails at $2995 (£2000).Aquabotix Hydroview, underwater view with controls.Aquabotix Hydroview, display with on-screen controls.Aquabotix Hydroview with case.

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