High-Visibility Bicycle Helmet with Lights, the Proviz Saturn


Proviz Saturn Bicycle Helmet.If you’ve got somewhere you need to go, but you can’t drive and you’ve misplaced that pesky bus timetable, chances are you might hop on your trusty bike instead.

Maybe you’re one of those really weird healthy types who always choose the stairs over an escalator. Whatever the reason, when it comes to cycling, safety should always come first. Proviz also agree with this, and to do their part in keeping you safe on the road, they’ve designed the Saturn Bicycle helmet.

All of you style conscious cyclists needn’t worry with one of these on your noggin – it oozes style with its sleek curves. If you aren’t a fan of Day-Glo colours, too bad!

This fluorescent yellow beauty is here to protect you, and on a cloudy day or a foggy evening you’ll be so much better off if you’re visible to any pursuing cars around you.

It also features a selection of LEDs at the front and rear of the helmet to really catch everyone’s attention. It has been designed to comply with CE EN 1078 safety standards and is also CPSC certified, so you know it can be trusted to help you keep your head when you’re speeding through those icy lanes and bumpy roads this winter.

The Proviz Saturn bicycle helmet is available now, priced £41.99. Purchase one for the bicycle enthusiast in your life today! It’s suitable for male and female cyclists and fits 55-59 cm head circumferences – so no more excuses, get buying!

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