Digital Golf Glove: SensoGlove


SensoGlove Digital Golf GloveIf you are under the impression that golf is a good walk spoiled, this gadget probably isn’t for you. However, if you left your significant other a widow to the sport, the handy SensoGlove may be just up your alley.

If you can’t afford a golf pro to help you with your putting and swing Germany’s Sensosolutions have the next best thing.

The SensoGlove monitors your grip and tells you if you are performing as you would like to on the luckily sweat proof LED monitor which is incorporated into the glove’s design.

It will even identify your offending fingers individually so that you can accurately identify where you are going wrong. All of you golfing fashionistas out there will love the luxurious and comfortable Cabretta leather that the gloves are made of.

There aren’t any specifics about power consumption of the SensoGlove at the moment, but this updated device is said to have longer lasting battery life, so expect anything from 100 hours of power or more.

When the batteries do run out, you simply replace them with more standard watch batteries. The 80 times a second grip monitoring has also been improved to offer you the most accurate readings possible.

The SensoGlove is available now for around $89 (£60). If you lose the glove, don’t worry, you can grab a replacement from the Sensosolutions website for just under $22 (£15). Try to hold onto the electronics though, if you lose or damage them you’ll be forking out another $89 (£60) to improve your golf swing.Digital Golf Glove, the SensoGlove.

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