Rooftop Skiing Resort Concept, Koutalaki Ski Village, Lapland


Futuristic Koutalaki Ski Village, Ice Rink and Snowy Fun.The Koutalaki Ski Village is a futuristic concept in Lapland proposed by Denmark-based Big Architects. The idea is to develop the Levi Ski Centre that overlooks the Sirkka village and integrate it with the village.

The intent is to create a ski resort with rooftop skiing, by creating a man-made peak. Skiers can access this peak via elevators and once on top, can decide which direction they want to ski in and accordingly choose the desired slope.

This will obviate the need for skiers to expend lots of time and energy in going from one slope to another, which is the current scenario, as the Levi Ski Centre does not allow skiers direct access to the slopes.

Creating the artificial peak also allows the opportunity to develop properties in and around. Indeed, the architects’ vision is to create a new central square in what will be the new heart of the village.

To help tourists soak in the breath-taking view all around the resort, the architects are planning a structure from which guests at the resort can get a 360 degree view of the slopes and rooftop skiing.

This structure has four individual peaks and a series of four buildings that create a sequence of intertwining streets. The four buildings form a central public square that is protected from the icy winds. The village and its public square will offer tourists an ice rink for skating, musical events, cafes and bars.

In the summer, the roof space of the four buildings transforms into a garden, blending in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.Koutalaki Ski VillageFuturistic Koutalaki Ski Village, Pool and Leisure Facilities.Futuristic Koutalaki Ski Village, Restaurants.Futuristic Koutalaki Ski Village, Concept Model.

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