Glasses-Free 3D TV: Philips 42” BDL4251VS


Philips 42” BDL4251VS 3D TVThe concept of 3D television is cool, except that some people are probably turned off by the need for special glasses.  Especially if you already wear glasses, you probably won’t be too keen on wearing an additional pair of glasses.

This may no longer be a problem if you buy the 42” BDL4251VS television from Philips. Developed jointly with Dimenco, this TV delivers 3D images and video without special 3D or stereoscopic glasses. Indeed, it is claimed to deliver the sharpest and most vivid images in 3D resolution.

The Philips BDL4251VS television uses 28 lenticular views to deliver this superior image display. A lenticular lens is essentially an array of magnifying lenses. When viewed from different angles, different parts of the image are magnified, resulting in an illusion of depth.

The Philips BDL4251VS television handles 2D as well as 3D images and videos. In fact, should the need arise it can even function as a digital signage device.

At a trade show, for example, you can use this television to attract visitors to your stall by having 3D signage of your company’s name. Because viewing 3D does not need special glasses, visitors can see the 3D display of your company’s name.

Thanks to the Dimenco rendering core and easy-to-use interface, you can even create your own 3D content and view it on the television. The Smart Insert located on the rear panel allows integration with Small Form Factor PC.

This auto-stereoscopic television is expected to be launched shortly, although pricing details still appear to be under wraps.

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