Click Keypad Watch


Click Keypad Watch, available in an assortment of colours.The Click Keypad Hidden Time watch available from Watchismo is quite a concept. There are many watches with curious designs, but this one is unique in that it does not have a display from which you can read the time. No, it does not have a dial either.

The face of the watch looks like a calculator keypad; all it has are keys for the digits 0 to 9 and the # key. To tell the time, simply tap any of the number keys. The lights on the individual keys will light up in sequence so you know what time it is.

For example, if it is 1:43, when you tap any key, the key with the number 1 lights up first, followed by the key with the number 4 and then the three. And what if it is 11:11?

A novelty, to be sure, but I’m not sure if I will always have the patience to wait for a couple of seconds to figure out what time it is. The Click Keypad Hidden Time watch can also tell you the date. To find out, you have to tap the # key. The sequence of digits that light up will be the date.

I wonder if it also shows the month. If it does, it probably shows the month first. So if someone who is used to the dd-mm-yy format relies on this watch, I imagine some confusion will be inevitable.

Should you be thinking of buying one, this watch costs $90 (£57), and is available in black, white, grey, brown and blue.Click Keypad WatchClick Keypad Watch, in Grey.Click Keypad Watch, the packaging is very geek chic.Click Keypad Watch, in a very office standard colour.

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