iPhone Controlled Cars: iControl Ferrari


iControl FerrariHow much the world is starting to depend on mobile devices may be gauged by the fact that hundreds of thousands of “mobile apps” exist (and more are developed every day) to do various things. Apple devices, such as the iPhone or iPad arguably have the largest number of apps, although Android apps are growing rapidly by the day.

The existence of these apps, combined with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity modern mobile phones have means the mobile phone is quite easily transformed into a remote control device. That’s what toy car manufacturers are capitalising on.

Consider the iControl Ferrari Enzo, which has launched a remote controlled toy that is 1/50th of a real Ferrari car. Simply use the dongle that comes with it and you can control it using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

To make the experience more realistic, your iDevice will display the image of a steering wheel with the Ferrari logo and show other elements of a car dashboard as well. The controls on your touch-screen display are reported to make the “drive” very responsive. As if a real Ferrari would not be responsive!

The thoughtful designers have even thrown in the audio effect of starting a Ferrari. Turn your Apple device and the car turns correspondingly. All this requires the juice of 1 AAA battery for the car itself and 3 LR44 batteries for the Bluetooth dongle.

The iControl Ferrari Enzo is priced at £30 ($47). But don’t get your hopes too high, for the product seems to have sold out, with new stocks expected only after the holiday season.

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